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Using FontForge to Fix Fonts for Windows

I think I’ve finally found a solution to this annoying error message that Windows gives when you use DfontSplitter to convert some fonts and then try and use those converted fonts in Windows.

It involves using a third-party open source application called FontForge to convert the TTFs that DfontSplitter gives you from a Mac-specific TTF format into ‘regular’ TTF format.

A full tutorial on using this method is included as a YouTube video screencast at

If you can’t or don’t want to watch the video, essentially the process is:

  • Use DfontSplitter on the .dfont file as normal
  • Open the resulting TTF files you want in FontForge
  • Export each TTF file from FontForge with File > Generate Fonts. Make sure TrueType format is selected.
  • Import the resulting TTF files into Windows’ fonts folder.

Please do let me know if this process works for you and give any feedback on this blog post — especially if you’d previously had problems using a .dfont you had wanted to use on Windows.

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