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Hi, I’m Peter Upfold.

Peter Upfold

I am a web developer, technology enthusiast, blogger and podcaster.

My passion for technology and computing has been long standing. I am particularly interested in diversity within technology and regularly work with Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. I have worked in the realm of web development, particularly with PHP and MySQL, for several years, but am also interested in many other aspects of technology, from programming to networking and servers. I am excited about the ongoing potential of technology to empower people and make a real difference to people’s lives.

I currently do a lot of work with Van Patten Media, with a particular focus on WordPress plugin development, but I also have worked on several open source projects of my own. There are also some open source projects that have been released through my collaboration with Van Patten Media.

I have been known to blog on my personal blog, on open source and free software matters at FOSSwire and about various Macintosh matters for For Mac Eyes Only. I have also appeared on numerous episodes of popular Mac podcasts, including Not Another Mac Podcast!, Let’s Talk Apple, and the Podcast.

I am available for PHP/MySQL web development work and IT consulting. Please take a look at my portfolio, and get in contact!

I can be found on Twitter at @PeterUpfold and on as @peteru.