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Hi, I’m Peter Upfold.

Peter Upfold

I am a web developer, systems administrator and all-round technology enthusiast from Hampshire in the UK. I am passionate about building great things — from software and server infrastructure, to writing and user experiences.

My passion for technology and computing has been long standing. I am particularly interested in computer security, fonts and digital typography, and gaining an understanding of a wide variety of different systems. I find developing a comprehensive, ‘full stack’ understanding of information infrastructure is very valuable to problem solving, as well as being intellectually stimulating. I am also concerned with the human side of this field: the ethical implications of our modern technology, how it can be harnessed to support human rights, empower people, and make a positive difference to their lives.

I currently am employed in an IT role, but also undertake self-employed work as a subcontractor with Van Patten Media. I have a particular focus there on systems administration and our devops, but also work on WordPress plugin development. I also work on several open source projects of my own.

I have been known to write on my personal blog, create written and video tutorials, and was a co-founder of open source and free software blog FOSSwire. I have also appeared on numerous episodes of popular Mac podcasts, including Not Another Mac Podcast!, Let’s Talk Apple, and the Podcast.

I can be found on Twitter: @PeterUpfold.