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WPGet is a script that is designed to allow you to include a short summary of your recent blog posts on your website. Specifically, it works with WordPress and is great for integrating a WordPress blog into a site that isn’t completely powered by the WP platform.

You can see a great example of WPGet in action on the sidebar on the right. It shows you the most recent posts, with a brief summary of each; it’s an easy way to see what’s new on my blog. That is, in essence, what WPGet is designed for (although it is fully customisable for what you want to do).

It was originally going to be just for this site, however, I thought the project had use for other sites as well, so I decided to open it up to the wider world.

This is dual-licensed, under the GPL version 3 and the LGPL, making it free software and/or open source software, whatever you want to call it.

If you do want to use WPGet in a way which the licences don’t allow, get in contact.

If you find WPGet particulary useful, use it in a commercial setting, or you’re just feeling generous, you are more than welcome to make a donation via PayPal:

Need install help? Run the installer!


The best way to get WPGet is to use the Installer right here, but if you prefer to download a copy to run on your machine, you can do so below:

Download .tar.bz2

Download .tar.gz

Download .zip

Credit is due to mr at bbp dot biz and Chris Shiflett for a couple of functions in the script (neither gave any licence terms, if your function included here is a problem let me know!)

Any suggestions, patches, problems, or if you want to contribute, drop me a line and hopefully we can all make WPGet better. Anyone who’s successfully done a WPGet implementation — I’d love to hear from you.


Some limited documentation and install information can be found on the documentation wiki.

WPGet on

On the 13th September 2006, WPGet was accepted into Check out its page there. Thanks!

On the 1st October 2006, I was notified that WPGet was nominated for a PHP Classes innovation award. W00t!

WPGet on

Visit WPGet at HotScripts


Oops — should have logged the changes from the start. For the sake of consistency, I’ll call the first recorded version 0.2 and we’ll go from there.