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Back to school

Back to school today. Oh goody.

I’ve started mirroring my Windows Apache installation to my Linux one (I dual boot), because Linux is so much better as a server platform than Windows XP. To be fair, I haven’t used Windows Server 2003/IIS as a web server, basically because I can’t afford it (take note Microsoft: young people are going Apache because they can). So, hopefully I can build a better platform for my test web server. I do like the extra Unix-based security and the ability to do cool stuff like sendmail and easily use Perl (I tried and failed to install ActivePerl for Windows – hey an occasion where Linux has been an easier platform to install something on than Windows).

Another note to Microsoft: ASP(X) is not an easy platform for young people to experiment with, because of its cost to setup. I don’t have the money to buy Win Server 2K3 and therefore I can’t use ASP(X) (unless I jump through hoops like installing mod_perl for Apache, then do this and that – it’s more effort than it’s worth).

Wow, what an essay. See you all tomorrow.

PS: My Linux uptime (it sucks, I know).

strategyoracle-linux -

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