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I’m back and I have got very far with Project Krystal. I have got through two major development milestones and, well, let me just show you the URL to the rolling, working preview.

The backend is about halfway there in terms of dev, but the frontend sucks right now. You didn’t need me to tell you that, but it does. If this system gets sold, though, it will obviously have a properly professional looking frontend to go with it.

Also, I better mention that I did all the dev up to Milestone 2 on my new SUSE 10 system. KDE 3.4 looks great, amazing what changes in 3 minor versions! It even has a K menu search system (like Vista’s upcoming Start Menu search). KDE’s is a bit clunky, but it shows the power of open source off a bit. Not too impressed with GNOME in SUSE 10, not that it’s bad, but SUSE haven’t bundled the good window themes and icon sets, so it doesn’t look as polished as KDE.

Oh no, the holiday appears to be escaping….

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