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Google, Privacy, Gizbuzz and VMware

It looks like Google are taking more fire on the privacy front with the new search across computers feature in Google Desktop 3 Beta. See here and here. A bit of a more in-depth post about this will appear on another blog I’m contributing to, Gizbuzz, shortly. I don’t know the link yet and it may not even be online yet UPDATE: The permalink is here.

But now more about my experiences with the free VMware Server product. I think it’s brilliant. Having now tested both the Windows and Linux versions and I conclude that the Linux server is faster, but slows down your desktop a bit more. That’s probably due to the fact that Linux is a more server-oriented system and to really prove this I’d need to conduct studies with different hardware and settings.

Also, Project Krystal has made it to a release candidate now (see story), but unfortunately, as yet, WorldPay integration is not completely finished. Don’t ask about my weird versioning either.

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