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Zooomr – what’s good and what could be better

Well, I’ve been blogging a lot about Zooomr recently. I think they’re actually very interesting. Like Flickr were originally (before Flickr got gobbled up by Yahoo), they are a small independent start-up (to the best of my knowledge).

Zooomr are similar to Flickr in the fact that they are both photo sites, but Zooomr does quite a few things better:

  • They don’t have ridiculous restrictions on what is and isn’t a photo – put what you want on there (within reason, of course)
  • Geotagging is awesome (when I have some real photos to test I’ll get a better look)
  • Trackbacks on photos (Flickr are almost as slow as Blogger are on getting trackbacks on blogs, come on Blogger!)
  • Flickr has RSS feed support – but Zooomr really pushes it and I think RSS is available to syndicate a lot more things than Flickr can
  • Tagging – Zooomr’s implementation is just slick and appears absolutely everywhere
  • Uploading is great – I love the fact that multiple uploads are handled so intuitively
  • Integration with Google Maps API is everywhere, I love it

However, they could work on:

  • Speed – at times Zooomr is painfully slow, when Flickr is fine. Yes, this must be difficult to afford the server & bandwidth capacity when you haven’t got Yahoo behind you, but still it will drive people away
  • The interface of Zooomr personally I don’t think looks as nice as Flickr’s – Flickr looks and feels friendlier to the new user
  • I can’t see anything along the lines of a set creator or something like Flickr’s Organisr. This functionality would be nice
  • Something like (or better than) the cool Flash animations and little HTML snippets that show your recent photos – I’d put one on the sidebar here!
  • Publicity – Zooomr’s great, but hardly anyone knows about it. I suppose the free Pro accounts (and people like me blogging about Zooomr) will help them, but without product awareness, they’ll never beat Flickr
  • Innovation – not to say they haven’t innovated already, they have, but they need to work on some really awesome features that leave Flickr’s in the dust (feature wars anyone?)

Anyway, I hope this helps the Zooomr team try and increase their popularity – I think it’s nice to see the small players win sometimes. Zooomr – I think you won me over with the free Pro account. One question – how would you have upgraded to Pro if you didn’t get upgraded for free? I couldn’t see the option anywhere.

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  1. frontieruk wrote:

    If you haven’t got you’re pro account yet 😀

    Friday, February 2, 2007 at 20:07 | Permalink |
  2. Peter wrote:

    Thanks, I’m already Pro 4 Life!

    Saturday, February 3, 2007 at 09:00 | Permalink |

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