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Reasons why I hate MySpace

Sorry, I just have a fundamental disagreement with MySpace, I’m not sure about other social networking sites, but these are my reasons why:

  1. MySpace is dangerous – there are dangerous people on MySpace.
  2. MySpace push malware-infected ads.
  3. MySpace uses other ad campaigns that target young people – it’s debatable whether this is irresponsible in some cases.
  4. MySpace profiles attract terrible CSS coding and terrible web usability.
  5. MySpace profiles often have irritating auto-play Flash music players and other Flash embeds.
  6. MySpace blogs are generally rubbish.
  7. I already have ‘my space’ – that’s this blog. I don’t need someone to plonk their advertising on it and restrict what I can do.
  8. From my very limited experience of MySpace, you get people posting stupid messages/comments on your profile, and I find that irritating.
  9. Rupert Murdoch has enough money already without me giving him more advertising revenue.
  10. MySpace should leverage technology like XFN to promote open standards (don’t get me started)

OK I’m sorry about that, I just don’t like and don’t intend to use MySpace. I’ll post something nice and friendly now.

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