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Megaphone pre-release source code is here

As of right now, I’m announcing the immediate availability of the Megaphone source code in it’s current form.

Shortly, I’ll set up a project page on my site to house it, but for now, this blog post is the definitive source of information.

Please be aware – this is a development release. It will eat your computer up without warning, and will contain more bugs than Internet Explorer 6 – erm, I mean, an ant hill.

Do not run this on any production machines at all – just don’t, it’s only for testing and playing around with. Currently it doesn’t really do very much that other software doesn’t already, but I have to start somewhere don’t I? 😉

Download .tar.bz2

Download .zip

It’s only been tested with PHP 5.x on Linux, but in theory should work with other configurations.

Installation instructions:

  • Download and extract.
  • Make sure you have PHP, MySQL and Apache’s mod_rewrite enabled.
  • Create a blank database.
  • Create the table skeleton as per the dbskeleton.sql file
  • Add your DB details to system/config.php
  • Create a random string of characters for the salt in system/system.php
  • Create a user by inserting a row into megaphone_users (password needs to be a SHA1 hash of the salt followed by the password)
  • Tweak the .htaccess files in both directories until they work for you
  • Login and enjoy the ugly interface (we have a designer on board though, never fear!)

As you can tell, the nice installation procedure hasn’t even been started yet. 🙂


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