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WPGet’s Ajax comments now showing here

No, 0.7 is not released yet (believe me it is far too difficult to implement at the moment and only one feature is written), but I’ve put one of its new features into my WPGet installation here.

If you click on the comments link on any post (in the left-hand pane on the main site), you will get a little window containing the comments. You can click the close button on the left, which, obviously, closes the window and the expand button on the right to view the comments on the actual blog post.

Please note – this does not currently work properly in any version of Internet Explorer. IE6 panics and doesn’t render any style (it appears inline and very broken) and IE7 ‘features’ this annoying z-index bug, so the window appears ‘underneath’ the central content layer. Grrr. I’ve spent upwards of an hour attempting to debug and fix it just for IE, to no avail. I will endeavour to get it working soon, but not right now.

Ouch. I hate IE. Seriously, Microsoft should ditch the Trident rendering engine and rebuild it from scratch for IE 8. IE is broken.

I’ve tested it and it works in Firefox, Konqueror 3.5.5, Opera 9.10, Epiphany 2.6.12 (that should also cover all Gecko browsers). Confirmation for Safari support would be appreciated from anyone with a Mac (works in KHTML, though, so I imagine it will be fine).

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  1. Chris wrote:

    “Confirmation for Safari support would be appreciated from anyone with a Mac”

    That’s my call to arms. 😀

    Works perfectly in Safari. My only suggestion is that it’d be best if you add a margin somehow to the bottom of the pop-up. Right now the box’s bottom border is the same border as the bottom border of the window which is a bit annoying. Nice feature!

    Saturday, January 13, 2007 at 02:23 | Permalink |
  2. Nick wrote:

    Being annoying and Testing 😀

    Saturday, January 13, 2007 at 04:50 | Permalink |
  3. Lee wrote:

    Looking very, very nice and working well in FF. As for IE, well, that just needs removing from all computers. It manages to make the simplest of tasks into a huge battle between errors and annoyance. But great work, it’s all looking excellent 😀

    Saturday, January 13, 2007 at 11:33 | Permalink |

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