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WPGet 0.7 Developer Preview 1

I’ve just released WPGet 0.7 Developer Preview 1. I’ve just taken the code in its current state and put it out here, so anyone interested can give the new features a try. In fact, it should in theory be fairly usable on a production site, but don’t trust me on that – I can’t guarantee it will work.

Here’s the changelog of things that are supposed to make it to the final release:

  • New support for WordPress author – you can see who published which post in WPGet’s output
  • Category support is now fully working, cleaned up massively and is now out of beta
  • Ajax comments system – have your comments available with one click from outside the actual WordPress page
  • Line breaks in WordPress posts are now honoured in WPGet’s output
  • Single post – output only one, static post from outside WordPress (but keeping it up-to-date with WP’s copy)
  • New query wrapper function for more centralisation
  • WPGet will surpress PHP’s errors if a query fails, and display its own (friendlier) message and email detailed error reports if that’s enabled
  • Style support – includes a new style engine making it easier to integrate WPGet with your site’s individual style
  • General speed enhancements and code cleanup
  • Brand new WPGet Installer (née Config Tool)

Not everything there is done in this copy, though, that’s just a list of stuff that will be confirmed to work by the time it goes final. The main thing missing from a feature perspective is styles (the ability is there but there are no styles yet) and not all the query infrastructure is updated to the new wrapper function. Oh, and it’s all not tested (not yet even tried with PHP 4 yet, so be warned).

Still, have a play around and tell me about bugs if you find them. 😀

Download .zip

Download .tar.bz2

Download .tar.gz

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One Comment

  1. Lee wrote:

    Ooh, I’ve downloaded and will be having a play with it later 🙂
    Can’t wait to see the final one!

    Saturday, February 3, 2007 at 19:06 | Permalink |

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