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Things left to do on the new design

While it’s pretty much done, there are a few things left I need to address:

  • Get WPGet’s Ajax comment preview re-enabled (I need to restyle it for the new look first!)
  • Fix the weird WebKit rendering bugs
  • ‘Block the links’ on the navbar instead of using JavaScript (teach me how!! 😛 )
  • Find somewhere to put my Google Reader shared items (you might have noticed, they disappeared because I now have only one sidebar!).
  • Rid the world of Internet Explorer. Oops – no, that’s next year. Hey – for the most part, the new design works in IE, so don’t complain.

UPDATE: forgot this one – make a proper secondary navbar for the projects page. 🙂

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One Comment

  1. Chris wrote:

    I was just going to look for the shared items, and realized they were gone. It might be easier to fit them into the design if you just plug your shared items RSS feed into Magpie… that way you can style it however.

    Sunday, March 4, 2007 at 16:40 | Permalink |

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