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I bought WoW

Yeah, OK, I’ve just committed (well, actually, I haven’t, but to keep playing I will have to) to paying quite a lot of money every single month for a computer game.

It is actually quite good though. I was convinced to buy it due to my friends. Quite a few of them play it and desperately wanted me to be able to join in. They first got me to install the client on my MacBook, then got me to patch it (which took roughly an afternoon), then got me to play the 10-day trial and finally they got me to buy the box.

A lot of people who do play it end up getting addicted and playing it obsessively. I can see why that happens, but I’m pretty sure it won’t happen with me (I hope anyway 😛 ). Throughout the trial period I still managed to get to college, keep up blogging on FOSSwire and Gizbuzz and get quite a lot done. All it did was push other games out of the picture, not affect any of the other stuff I do online.

It is great fun and the scale of the game is just on epic proportions. I won’t bore non-WoW players with too much detail, I’ll just say that it is an awesome game and now I’m playing it.

It’s funny, because I never was (and still don’t really consider myself to be) much of an RPG gamer. Well, I guess I am now.

I’m on Scarshield Legion (European servers) and my character name is Hybridoracle. If you do get in touch via WoW, mention you came through this blog post. 🙂

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