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I love PHP. More specifically, I love PHP 5. All the web development I do is in the latest stable version of PHP 5, and this server also runs the latest and greatest PHP as well to bring you all the stuff here.

A lot of web hosts and systems still run on the much older PHP 4 however. Frankly, it’s about time we all moved into 2007 and moved over to PHP 5. It’s too late/early for me to eloquently go into all the details, but the point is, PHP 5 is better and is where the future of PHP is.

That’s where comes in. It’s a campaign to kick start people into moving into PHP 5. I’m fully behind this and encourage everyone else to put pressure on developers, hosts and users to start thinking about moving to PHP 5 if they haven’t already.

Anyway, it’s pretty late, so I’m off to bed (to start full time Vaveo development as of tomorrow).

[via Jacob Peddicord’s awesome looking redesigned Drupal blog (aka Code Chunk for the rest of us)]

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