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Attack of the mainstream social networks

I always sort of didn’t like mainstream social networks, to put it lightly, and never really wanted to consider using them. As it happens, I need have only had that attitude about MySpace, not the rest of them. 😉

What is my point here? Why has it been so long since the last blog post here? I’ll take those questions in the wrong order. Stuff has been pretty crazy recently – trying to fit in (literally) full-time Vaveo development, trying to keep up a post a day on FOSSwire and lots of other things has been pretty difficult. So this blog kind of comes at the bottom of the stack and never gets all that much attention. I’m sorry – a week between posts isn’t a nice place to be, but it’s all I’ve been able to do recently.

I’m still here though and doing well.

Now, to the point of this post. Well it all started when Chris decided that we may have plans to do a Facebook application for Vaveo. I have no idea whether I’m allowed to say that, but well, I just did. Sorry, Chris. 🙂

Now you can’t really develop for Facebook without actually being a user of said service, so – a little reluctantly at first – I signed up. Initially, I didn’t do a lot on it, but I started adding friends for people also on Facebook and I fear I’m starting to enjoy using it now. 😉

On an interesting aside, apparently where I live isn’t quite hip enough for that many of the friends I know in real life to use Facebook. Certainly there aren’t many people from my college that are using it anyway – either that or the browsing for people in Facebook networks is designed poorly.

At the same time, my (UPDATE: former 😛 ) girlfriend convinced me to sign up on Bebo as well. Bebo is a little more mainstream, but still it’s surprisingly un-annoying to use. I don’t agree with the amount of unsolicited crap it spews to people if you give it their email addresses (one of the things that put me off it initially), but still, it’s actually pretty cool to use.

I can’t believe I’m saying all this. About mainstream social networks. What have I become?

Diverging from the subject of this post for a moment, I still haven’t got a replacement drive in the server and I’m currently running the system off the backup drive (which I don’t really like doing as I don’t trust the backup drive all that much as a main drive). I did briefly try a random drive that was lying around, but apparently it was a brick too. Looks like I’m still in the market for a drive, it’s just a question of whether I go cheap and get a small IDE drive or try some crazy RAID stuff.

Either way, I can’t wriggle out of spending money on the server any more.

Note that the Bebo and Facebook links will work, but you’ll need to be friends on the networks with me before you can see my profiles. I’m paranoid like that. And for the record – me, MySpace. No. Never. Not unless there’s a really really good reason.

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