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A new project

It’s been quite a long time since I’ve put some brand new open source code out there, and I think it’s about time to change that. I’ve had a download statistic tracking system, written in PHP, running on here for the downloads of WPGet, SleekTabs and others for some time now.

The idea of it is simple, it takes a request for a download file, tracks the information about the request (the file downloaded, IP address, time, user agent etc.) and then at the management end provides an easy interface to look at statistics about the downloads of your files.

Usually, the problem you face with metrics on file downloads is that you can’t embed a JavaScript snippet for a traditional service such as Google Analytics. This PHP class will provide the download statistics so you can accurately discover that information about any downloads you offer on your site. People like metrics.

The code I have running here on my site is very simple. It works fine for what I need it for, but I’m only really using it as inspiration for this project. I will write it from the ground up and modularise it as much as possible so that in the future it perhaps can be integrated within existing CMS systems.

It’s slightly ambitious, yes, and I don’t have excessive amounts of free time, but it’s something to get my teeth into and keep myself programming.

Now, I don’t have a name for this project, and I want a good one. Something that sort of sums up what I’ve described its function as, but that is reasonably unique and memorable.

So here I throw it out to my audience (yes, all three of you). Any ideas? Or if you’ve got any other sensible input on this project, I’d love to hear it too.

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