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Being an April Fool

April Fools’ Day can be a lot of fun. There are certainly some cool technology hoaxes that have happened on this day — even Gmail (which obviously wasn’t just a hoax) shares its birthday with the celebration. It’s often fun as well to see what respected news organisations like the BBC have to show on this day.

But do you know what? It’s OK not to like April Fools’ Day.

Often expressing the opinion that you don’t really like hoaxes or practical jokes is met with responses such as “spoilsport” or “lighten up”. They are responses that hook into our susceptibility to peer pressure.

So if, today, you don’t really want to play the April Fool game, don’t feel you have to. Don’t listen to those who may push you into liking it.

It is perfectly OK to be ‘boring’. Rumour has it that I excel at just that. 🙂

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