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More Information about DfontSplitter for Windows

You can use DfontSplitter for Windows to convert Mac .dfont files into TTF files. These TTF files can then be dragged to your Windows fonts folder to use in any Windows application.

This program is licensed under the GNU General Public Licence 3.0. However, portions of the program are also licensed differently. Please see Licensing below for more details.

Download Old Version (0.3.1)

Alternate Download (zip file without installer): Download .zip Package

Need help getting started? Documentation is available.

Source Code

Source code is available on GitHub.

Old Version — Source Code

If you’re a developer, you might be interested in the source code. Since DfontSplitter is open source, you’re in luck. DfontSplitter for Windows is constructed of two main parts:

These two components are independent programs; my GUI simply calls Fondu externally and passes in the user’s commands. Therefore, the source code for each part is available separately.

An additional complication is that because Fondu is linked to the GPL-licensed cygwin1.dll, the source code needed to build that DLL is also made available.

Thus there are three source packages to download:


Current licensing information can be found on GitHub.

Old Version — Licensing

The three parts that make up DfontSplitter — my GUI, Fondu, cygwin1.dll and the icon, all have separate licences that apply to each.

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