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A content management system ‘for the rest of us’, Amalia is a PHP web application which makes it easy to manage a small website. It features a built-in visual editor, an easy-to-use file manager, plugin architecture and a powerful templating system. I was part of a team responsible for the design and implementation of the programming side of the Amalia software and took primary responsibility for the plugin architecture.

Mentoring System

Designed as part of the Web Development unit for my BTEC National Diploma for IT Practitioners (Software Development), this application facilitated the peer mentoring scheme at Andover College, allowing mentors to record information about peer mentoring sessions and collaborate with other mentors to offer effective support to learners. Application fully designed and developed in Python, utilising the Django framework.


DfontSplitter for Windows and Mac are open source programs which allow you to take many different Macintosh-formatted font files and convert them into TrueType TTF fonts, which are more interoperable. The applications are graphical interfaces around existing open source command-line tool fondu. The Mac OS X application is written in Objective-C/Cocoa, and the Windows application is written in C#/.NET.


SleekTabs is an open source PHP/JavaScript tool to make it easy to develop tabbed interfaces in web pages (such as the portfolio one you are looking at right now!). Uses AJAX to load each tab for speed and convenience, while offering full fallback support for any users with JavaScript disabled. Allows you to bring attractive, usable tabbed interfaces to a web page without sacrificing accessibility or cross-browser support.