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For Mac Eyes Only

From January 2011, I have been a Staff Writer for For Mac Eyes Only, focusing on articles, opinion and how-to posts all about the Macintosh.


From 2006–2009, I have been editor of FOSSwire, writing reviews, tutorials, opinion pieces and other articles on free and open source software, with a focus on Linux. FOSSwire regularly attracts over 30,000 visitors a month and has previously been featured on Lifehacker as well as Alltop.

Logo for The Stealth Mac Podcast

The Stealth Mac Podcast

Associate Producer for The Stealth Mac Podcast. I produce Macintosh tutorial screencasts, including a series on learning how to use the Terminal within Mac OS X and I participate in roundtable discussion podcasts, talking about all things Apple.


There are many tutorials on this site, both in text form and screencasts, on various technology topics — from Beginner’s Linux and AJAX development in PHP, to how to set up public key authentication for SSH on the Mac.