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The end of an era

As my friend Jamie put it:

Well that’s it then. Done. Finished.

School, or at least school as we know it, going in every day for lessons has come to an end. Now, just the small matter of exams to attend to. Only two next week, but nevertheless, I can’t guarantee frequency of posts (or even whether I’ll be doing anything interesting).

But after the 22nd June, I will do some serious web development and do more messing with operating systems. Maybe getting a network connection in OpenSolaris or maybe getting Gentoo to sit there and compile itself for hours. Provided my hard drives don’t die.

Wow, that’s it. That really is it. No more lessons, not in school anyway. Any of my friends reading this, then whoo, I actually have readers. Anyone else, you probably know the feeling of leaving somewhere that you’ve been for a long time.

Here’s to the future.

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