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Apple stuff – the Mac Pro, Leopard and Mac OS Forge

So Apple have released the Mac Pro, previewed Mac OS X Leopard and I’ve decided to wait until Leopard goes gold to buy my MacBook (presuming I have enough by then).

With Apple’s WWDC conference going on, they’ve also made a good attempt to try and restart a free and open source software building community around Mac OS X. They’ve re-released the x86 kernel source of XNU (OS X’s kernel) and have launched a brand new FOSS community site, Mac OS Forge.

To be honest, it looks rather sad at the moment – only a very few projects are hosted there and there are precious little comments. Well, to be fair to them, Apple certainly are trying hard (again) to engage the open source community around OS X. They could certainly benefit from the community link if people were willing to take the source from bits of Mac OS X and do work on it, but that will only happen if developers feel like their contributions are going to be worth it – go to a good cause.
If/when I do join the Mac community, I plan to do some application development for Mac OS X (presuming I know C++ by then). Most of it will most likely be free and open source and I’d love for there to be a real FOSS community based around the Macintosh platform that I can join in with. So, good luck Mac OS Forge.

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