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WPGet Config Tool fix

No, it’s not a new release – but I discovered a bug with the WPGet Config Tool with some systems that have PHP’s magic_quotes on which would cause the Config Tool to generate an invalid file when you went through Step 1.

I’ve fixed it, and instead of doing a new release (as it’s so minor), I’ve just updated the current downloads and, as usual, grab the latest versions from the project page.

This may or may not affect users who used the public Config Tool, so if for any reason your script doesn’t work, go back to the Config Tool and redo Step 1 which should alleviate your problem.

Also, the archives of older versions of the Config Tool are now open, so if for any reason you want to grab an old version, visit the archives page.

UPDATE: due to a few architectural changes I’m making with the download system, the archives aren’t currently available. Don’t worry, they’ll be available again soon.

Note that this I’ve lost version 0.4 at the moment (I really need a Subversion server set up!), so I’m afraid you’re out of luck if you want that version.

And while we’re on the subject, stick any feature requests for version 0.7 in the comments!

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