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For crying out loud!

My good friend (and Oratos co-founder) Huw Leslie has just started a personal blog.

I just thought I’d give it a quick mention here to my (apparently 20-25 according to FeedBurner) subscribers, so if you’re interested in anything at all that he might have to say on tech, British politics or anything else, get over there and get subscribing!

From the about page:

I kinda thought I should have a personal blog; not necessarily to write what I had for breakfast everyday, because that’s not interesting to anyone. I expect this will be more like a personal column, with my opinions and writings on the world.

Gizbuzz is great, but the brand is Gizbuzz, not me. Sometimes I feel that restricts what I write, because I don’t necessarily want to write within Gizbuzz’s niche all the time. For example, if I have something to say about British politics, Gizbuzz just isn’t the right place for it.

Great domain name too –

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