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My PC-BSD review

OK, so cross-linking is bad and stuff, but it’s been a long time since I last did it, so it’s OK, right? 😛

Just finished a review of PC-BSD, a BSD distribution based on FreeBSD for desktop system.

I was really impressed at how easy it was when compared to the big bad FreeBSD install, which I seem to always mess up right at the last moment thanks to the far from intuitive menu system.

But I digress. PC-BSD is as slick as any desktop Linux, and I think it makes a fine general purpose desktop OS, as you can read more about in the full review.

And yes, I’m trying to post a bit more regularly here too. It’s working, so far. 😉

A nugget of goodness

It’s all about ego. Windows users are elitist snobs because they use the dominant platform. Apple users are elitist snobs because they use the “cool” computers. And Linux users are elitist snobs because they use Free Software.

Hmmm… it’s so true. 😛

Taken from actually quite an interesting article. Not sure I agree with all of it, but interesting nevertheless.

Gizbuzz Podcast Episode 7

If for some stupid reason you don’t follow the Gizbuzz feed, then you won’t know anything about episode 7 of the Gizbuzz Podcast.

Huw, Chris and I interview Dave Hoff of IMified.

We spoke with Dave about all sorts of things: what IMified is, the challenges faced, the instant messaging interface, APIs, and more. It’s a great service with a lot of potential and we got an interesting look into the early stages of what may well become a very influential startup.

A great interview – I think it went really well. Special thanks to Chris for the speed editing and one of the fastest podcast post-productions ever.

Listen to it here. You can also get subscribed to the podcast on that page.

Just $99

You’ve probably seen this already, but if not, I just have to share this gem:

Man, I wish Windows still cost only $99. In case you were wondering, this ad is real.

Linux Genuine Advantage

A nice spoof of Windows Genuine Advantage:

Linux Genuine Advantageâ„¢ is an exciting and mandatory new way for you to place your computer under the remote control of an untrusted third party!

…we have created a new program available as a required free download: Linux Genuine Advantageâ„¢!

Linux Genuine Advantage.

UPDATE: don’t actually download and install the software on that site, apparently it actually works and will lock you out of logging in in 30 days.

Animation well done

This must have taken ages to animate, but it’s absolutely brilliant. Serious props to the creator of this.

Feed reader people, click through for a YouTube embed.

FireBug 1.0 rocks

FireBug is an awesome Firefox extension for web developers.

The FireBug developers have just put out a 1.0 release and it includes loads of cool features. There’s one that I just have to share, though, and it is awesome.

If you use inspect to select an element on the page, you can then double-click on bits of the CSS in the right hand pane, and get this, edit them in real time! That means you can literally play around with how a website looks in real time and it’s really useful when you want to make a CSS tweak to something. You just use FireBug to preview it in real time and adjust your edits to make it just right, then you can tweak the actual file. No page reloading needed (or worse Ctrl-F5 to clear the cache).

FireBug screenshot

Download and install it from the official Mozilla add-ons page.

For crying out loud!

My good friend (and Oratos co-founder) Huw Leslie has just started a personal blog.

I just thought I’d give it a quick mention here to my (apparently 20-25 according to FeedBurner) subscribers, so if you’re interested in anything at all that he might have to say on tech, British politics or anything else, get over there and get subscribing!

From the about page:

I kinda thought I should have a personal blog; not necessarily to write what I had for breakfast everyday, because that’s not interesting to anyone. I expect this will be more like a personal column, with my opinions and writings on the world.

Gizbuzz is great, but the brand is Gizbuzz, not me. Sometimes I feel that restricts what I write, because I don’t necessarily want to write within Gizbuzz’s niche all the time. For example, if I have something to say about British politics, Gizbuzz just isn’t the right place for it.

Great domain name too –

Novell respond to some questions on MS-Novell

Breaking all the rules

This site – Don’t Click It, is very interesting.

Basically, you don’t have to (and aren’t supposed to) click the mouse button at all (apart from the initial ‘click here’ at the very start) to navigate it. I’ve had a play around and it’s actually really difficult to try and stop yourself clicking, especially when there are buttons that you expect to have to click.

It breaks all the rules of interface design that we’re used to, and it is an interesting exercise in seeing whether you can resist clicking.

Have a play around!