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I wants me some Leopard

Leopard image

The question is – do I venture to Southampton to buy it from the Apple Store proper, or do I buy it online and get it shipped to my door?

Considering I’ve never bought anything in a real physical Apple retail store yet, I’m tempted to head down there if I can and go pick up a copy in person. Either way, Leopard looks pretty cool and I’m definitely interested in grabbing a copy for my over-6-month-old MacBook. :O

UPDATE: I pre-ordered it yesterday. Should be here on release day apparently.

Akismet isn’t working

We get a fair amount of traffic over at FOSSwire. Like most of the WordPress installations I have a connection with, we have an Akismet installation running there to deal with comment spam.

To its credit, it’s pretty good, but recently I’ve been having to manually clean up a load of trackback spam that’s getting past the filter. It’s a real pain and irritates me immensely. Usually Akismet works so well…

Maybe it’s worth installing an additional spam comment solution such as Bad Behaviour. I really don’t know. Anyone else had any success with any other anti-spam solutions?