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My First GPL Project (RSS Feed Generator)

I’ve created my first ever open source project, to give back to the open source community who have helped me learn so much (GNU/Linux, PHP, MySQL, Apache, too many things to mention).

It’s fairly simple, a basic RSS feed generator. It uses PHP and accepts input from a MySQL database. It’s licensed under the GPL, so it’s free for anyone to use and make improvements to.

You can get a download of it from my site, located here. A sample bit of code it generates can also be viewed at that page.

Any suggestions or comments, just post a comment here (you will need a Blogger account). Or send me an email, it’s strategyoracle=-AT–gmail=—DOT–com.

Well, it’s out to you now, so use it if you want and please do give feedback if you like it.

A day off school

Yes, today is (well, has been) a day off school for standard teacher training stuff. I’m now about half way through my mock exams, which is fairly good and, well, let’s keep off the subject of exams shall we?

Due to the exams (oh no, said it again) Project Krystal has crawled along in progress, making only a few minor adjustments in the last week. The development process should speed up sometime soon, when I get more free time that I can plug into the project.

Well, there’s not much more to say other than that I joined a new forum today,, under my strategyoracle name.

Well, until next time…

Mock exams, language orals and web development

As this post finally wins the award for longest post title ever, and longest time between posts, I would like to welcome myself back to writing this blog.

I haven’t written for ages for a number of reasons. Firstly, mock exams are about to start, so revision has been heavy recently and secondly, lots of further development has been taking place, so there hasn’t really been time to write here.

But anyway, on with today’s post, and it’s going to be a bit of an essay to make up for all those days I didn’t post.

In development, Project Krystal has come on leaps and bounds, but is still most definitely in Alpha stage, as there are major flaws getting it to work. I am kitting out a friend with a copy of the latest ‘stable’ (I use the term loosely) build to test and find improvements, not only to the code but the web user interface too. He gets a free copy of my website management software to build his website, I get a tester. Symbiosis at its best.

In code, I am now building the final bit of the project, the products page with cataloguing system (fully sortable) and searching for the products. Also, the rich text editing system is officially integrated with the whole admin system, so it is as easy to use as any WYSIWYG word processor.

Christmas is also coming, so that means a new graphics card, the Geforce 6600, hopefully, to replace my current (rubbish) Geforce FX5200.

When will I be finished with Project Krystal? No idea as yet. Once all the features are done, the code will have to be seriously stablised to the point that I consider it something worth(y) of selling.

On the note of Hybrid, which will take over from Buttons Productions after the end of the year, my friend Chris is now on board to deal with the design of the future Hybrid site and our contracts. He’s good at building mock designs (albeit in Paint) and making them look good when I convert them to the cool XHTML.

OK, until next time, which I’m not sure when it will be,

Peter the Nerd

Mock exams

I hate to say it, but the dreaded Mock Exams will arrive soon (only a couple of weeks now), and so the amount I post to this blog is likely to decrease. If anyone reads this anyway, post a comment, but never mind.

Today I downloaded and installed Squid for my Linux system, and started playing about with it. Still can’t work out how to get the ACLs working properly, anyone with a good tutorial should post a comment if they find one. I also have started thinking about the PayPal integration of the Project Krystal Products system and its potential security implications. I don’t want to sell a hackable system, do I?

I’ll write again sometime.

Making Of Movie

Sorry I haven’t posted for ages, I’ve actually been quite busy.

I’ve now sold 8 copies of the Making Of (don’t ask if you don’t know), at £2 each, so I have finally made a profit from buying all those DVD+Rs.

Anyway, Young Enterprise was busy again, despite more than half of the people not being there. Project Krystal is going places, with a rich text editor being implemented now, to replace ageing and frankly clunky BBcode. Should be good, just the integration of that with my current PHP app to do.

Hopefully write again soon,