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No posts for ages

Sorry! I haven’t posted for ages, and I apologise.

What has been happening is a lot. Project Krystal, my main development arm at the moment is being set up for its first roll-out on the website of a garden machinery company, and that is taking up all my development time. We are currently working in version 0.8, but this branch of Project Krystal is codenamed Freestyle, as it has additional features:

  • Multiple products categories with sort/search facilities
  • Ajax-powered product basket with (hopefully) WorldPay purchase integration
  • A new brilliant looking horizontal navigation bar setup

Due to reasons of the development still being in progress, there is no rolling test version that you can view, or screenies available. But rest assured, there will be soon.

You can also check the Project Krystal target schedule here.

Also, if anyone is reading this at all, visit I’ve posted about them before, but they are a really good forum for people new to Linux. Everyone is friendly and doesn’t mind answering the odd RTFM-type question. So, join up and tell them Hybrid sent you.

Anyway, I hope to post again soon with less of a delay between posts. See you all later. And post a comment if you like reading this, I don’t seem to get any.

Long time, no … blog

First, I have at least two apologies to make.

1) I haven’t posted in absolutely ages, partly due to a Hybrid contract meaning I can’t talk too much about what is going on while things are provisional.

2) The joke in this post title is actually quite shocking.

But anyway, aside from the potential contract that I can’t talk about, a few things have happened. I have been given an invite to the Windows Live Messenger Beta (yes, a screeny). At the moment, I have four invites left, and it’s first come first served (Blogger users can leave a comment). It’s quite cool to get on a beta (finally) and the new interface is quite cool too. Big up to the guy at the Gizbuzz blog for kitting me out with an invite. Incidentally, I’ve also got a Windows Live Mail account, but in its current state of (IE only, grrr…) development, it’s not too impressive. When it does go live (no pun intended), it may well rival Gmail, I would vouch.

So what else do I say, really? I can’t talk too much, so I won’t. Let’s hope my next post will have less of a gap between it and this one.

Keep it real.

I’m back

Well, I’m back from my long blog break. No particular reason. Neither, unfortunately can I talk much about what is going on in dev at the moment, more will be revealed later. Sorry, this one is short.