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WPGet 0.8 Released

I’ve just pushed out a new version of WPGet, to fix an issue with its category support that has been there for quite some time.

For those not in the know, WPGet is a script that is designed to allow you to include a short summary of your recent blog posts on your website. Specifically, it works with WordPress and is great for integrating a WordPress blog into a site that isn’t completely powered by the WP platform.

The new version of WPGet brings the following to the table:

  • The ability to retrieve posts only from specific categories that you choose is now fixed*, and works with WordPress 2.3.x, 2.5 and higher.
  • The ability to retrieve posts that match certain tags. This is an all-new feature.
  • Support for WordPress version prior to 2.3 is dropped. It might still work (except Categories and Tags), but I can’t help you if it doesn’t.

If you’re not using the Category and/or Tag features, there’s probably not a compelling reason to upgrade, but if you do want to include a summary of blog posts from a certain category (or categories) or that match certain tags, WPGet can now do that for you.

* WordPress 2.3’s new database structure for categories and tags is what broke WPGet in the first place. I’ve been slow in releasing a fix, I know.

How do I get it?

The easy way: Run the installer and it will walk you through the process. There’s more help here as well if you need it.

The not-so-easy way: Download the code yourself, and run the installer on your own server (or just set it up manually).

The WPGet section of the documentation wiki is alive again and should be featuring some more documentation pretty soon.

If you have any feedback or comments, please do leave a comment on this post, or you can get in contact another way. I would love to hear from anyone successfully using WPGet!

Almost the End of Another Era

To follow up, I’m now done with all of my coursework, and therefore pretty much done with the whole Further Education experience as well.

I’ll still be sporadically going in next week, for what is probably the last week for a few reasons, but subject to any potential moderation and official things happening, I now know what I’m going to get.

Which, is a Distinction Distinction Distinction (DDD). Or 360 UCAS Tarrif points, if you prefer. Equivalent to three A grade A-levels. Yeah, I’ll stop now.

Again, provided that nothing unexpected and untoward happens, I’m well on my way to taking my place at Reading in October time. Looking forward to it.

Very Brief WWDC Thoughts

Summing my thoughts up and dumping them as quickly as possible:

  • Snow Leopard. Why do I always hate Apple’s product names, then warm to them eventually? It’ll have to grow on me. Looks relatively boring. Apple ran out of ideas – lack of innovation.
  • iPhone 3G – nice.
  • iPhone 2.0 software – looks solid. Nothing earth-shattering that wasn’t really expected. $9.99 + UK VAT + mild extortion will be leaving my bank account soon.
  • Mobile Me – reserve judgement. I’d like to give it a try. Not sure I need yet another email address. Probably too expensive.

Any other thoughts? Accepted in brain-dump format or more eloquent versions. πŸ™‚

General Availability

I’m going to be generally less available than I am usually, probably over the next couple of weeks, or at maximum up to the end of June.

It’s crunch time in terms of my college work and assignments, so I’m ramping up my productivity levels with that to go for a final coursework push to get everything finished and at the highest grade I can get it (yeah, I’m all coursework and no exams, so that’s my only focus πŸ˜‰ ).

If I take a while to get back to you or fail to at all, I do apologise in advance, hopefully I will be able to pick back up towards the end of June and start of July when I should have a lot more spare time.

This will also affect my FOSSwire post frequency, so it might be a little bit quieter than normal over there this month. Don’t worry, things should return to normal soon.

And, with any luck, I’ll have a BTEC National Diploma at DDD πŸ˜€ (That’s equivalent to three UK A-levels at A grade by the way).

Now, I’m off to bed.