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Voist, Hybrid Accounts and more

Finally managed to get a bit more web development (as opposed to getting pre-developed stuff online), as I’m continuing work on Hybrid Accounts. And my recent meddling with integrating phpBB into web designs, (so the forum looks an integral part of the site not just a different site) credit to the Extreme Styles Mod, has brought me to start thinking about Hybrid’s own forum solution.

Voist (as it’s codenamed, I know it sounds like a VoIP app) will be available probably under the GPL as well as a non-Free licence and its main features will be:

  • Easy and simple forum solution written in PHP and using MySQL as DB
  • Nice and friendly URLs (so rather than which will rely on Apache’s mod_rewrite
  • Clean design with a fairly easy skinning ability
  • [This bit will be in a non-GPL version] Connection with Hybrid Accounts

As I’ve mentioned, Voist will hopefully integrate with Hybrid Accounts in the proprietary version (that will likely be the only difference between it and the GPL version, however). That means I can’t start Voist yet, because Hybrid Accounts isn’t finished.

So that’s what I’ve been working on for a bit of today, Hybrid Accounts. There’s also something very special coming up, but they’ll be more about that later.

School is over forever and XP is back

Yes, it’s true. As of Thursday, I did my last exam so school is now officially over and I can look forward to a good holiday with a lot of coding. But enough about that.

I finally wrote my last Vista article (Digg it) and dediced to put Windows XP back on my computer, mainly because I wanted my applications to be installed again. See, having a multi-partition setup meant that not all my applications (in fact, hardly any) are on what Windows would call the C: drive. But that’s a different story entirely.

The main website project for Hybrid is back in full-time development now, and there will be things happening very soon hopefully. Stay tune.