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WPGet Config Tool fix

No, it’s not a new release – but I discovered a bug with the WPGet Config Tool with some systems that have PHP’s magic_quotes on which would cause the Config Tool to generate an invalid file when you went through Step 1.

I’ve fixed it, and instead of doing a new release (as it’s so minor), I’ve just updated the current downloads and, as usual, grab the latest versions from the project page.

This may or may not affect users who used the public Config Tool, so if for any reason your script doesn’t work, go back to the Config Tool and redo Step 1 which should alleviate your problem.

Also, the archives of older versions of the Config Tool are now open, so if for any reason you want to grab an old version, visit the archives page.

UPDATE: due to a few architectural changes I’m making with the download system, the archives aren’t currently available. Don’t worry, they’ll be available again soon.

Note that this I’ve lost version 0.4 at the moment (I really need a Subversion server set up!), so I’m afraid you’re out of luck if you want that version.

And while we’re on the subject, stick any feature requests for version 0.7 in the comments!

WordPress users – it’s time to upgrade

Fix for Firefox 2.0 backspace action (Linux)

If you’re using the new Firefox 2.0 on Linux and you’re wondering where the backspace functionality to go back one page went, well, apparently they changed it to fit with other Linux conventions.

If you want the old backspace goes back a page feature (I like it this way), then there’s thankfully a really easy fix!

Browse to about:config. Search for browser.backspace_action and change the value to 0.


WPGet 0.6 – a major new release with major new features

I’ve been working on it for a while, and now it’s here!

WPGet 0.6 includes a new one-click Config Tool, less copying and pasting required for configuration, a new date format and credit controls plus a (beta) category-controlled mode where only the posts from certain categories are displayed.

Of course, the Config Tool has been updated with these new features and you can get started with WPGet right now. Just go to the Config Tool, enter your database details and then click the button to download a fully ready-to-run version of WPGet customised just for you!

Then, copy and paste the snippet to your page in Step 2 and you’re away with WPGet!

If you need any more help installing, check out my guide on How to install WPGet in less than 10 steps.

As ever, get the latest release from here or from PHP Classes.

I *love* this browser

Do you think I was going to wait for Red Hat to package the official Fedora version of Firefox 2.0?

Firefox 2

Aside from Mozilla being silly about names, I absolutely adore this browser. What’s more, only a few of my extensions weren’t compatible and I’m sure they’ll be updated very quickly.

And it’s so much faster than 1.5.0.x too, and aside from still having ugly buttons in forms on Linux (and the Mac as well), it’s beautiful.

W00t! I love this browser! OK, fine, I’ll try and return to sanity, I know, it’s only a browser, but it’s an app I’m going to be staring at for a long time until Firefox 3.0…

Fedora Core 6 (Zod) is officially released

Any Fedora fans better take note – FC6 has now officially been released.

I’ll download it in a day or two, but you can grab it right now from the Fedora Project page.

WPGet and PHP 4 now work together

I’m stupid.

No really, I am.

I’ve been notified by several people over the last few days of a problem in WPGet. It has caused some strange behaivour and difficult setup, oh, and it completely freaks out at PHP 4. If you’re getting the following error message:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting T_OLD_FUNCTION or T_FUNCTION or T_VAR or ‘}’ in /blah/blah/blah/wpget.php on line [[usually 20-something]]

Then it means you’re running WPGet under PHP 4, which unfortunately it isn’t compatible with.

Thankfully, there’s a fix! You can either do it yourself, or download a new, updated PHP 4-compatible version from me.

Fix it yourself

Simply go through and replace the word private with the word var in the configuration section (so, highlight the config section between the start pasting here and stop pasting here comments, and do a find/replace).

That’s it. Save and upload and it should work.

Get it from me

I’ve fixed both the config tool and the main script and you should be able to get the fixed copies from my site (I’ll also sync them with PHP Classes, so by the time you read this that should be done).

Unfortunately, this bug has pushed back the ultra-cool new version back a bit, but it should hopefully be released by the end of this week (no promises).

That will teach me for not testing it with PHP 4 first.

Calling WPGet users – your feedback wanted!

Well, I know at least one user of WPGet, but consider this the official place for suggestions and comments.

A few things I’d like the people to vote about!

  • More frequent releases with less features or larger gaps with more juicy features?
  • What features do you want in the next major version?
  • Tell me – what’s good, what sucks and what you want to see.
  • If you want to contribute to the development effor or help spreading the word to site owners, I’d love some help!
  • Anything else related.

Here’s a quick summary of the new features pencilled in for the next major version and how they’re doing:

  • Updated Config Tool with one-click config – partially done
  • Custom date/time formatting with easy implementation – pretty much finished
  • Credit and link back to me can be switched off at runtime (now no longer a global change) – finished, subject to testing
  • Better documentation and explanation – not started yet

All the features above are subject to potential changes and the listing of a feature here does not mean it will necessarily make it into the next or any release!

Neither do I have an estimated release date – it really depends on how much time I get to dedicate to this project. I will keep you posted on progress, as ever, on this blog.

Recording screen demos with pyvnc2swf on Windows

I did it for (Ubuntu) Linux and now it’s the turn of Windows to get some screen recording love with pyvnc2swf. The installation procedure on Windows is also fairly simple, but unfortunately because Windows doesn’t ship with Python (unlike well, say, Linux and Mac OS X and most other Unix systems) we have to install that first.

So without any further ado, we’ll get going.

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Flash Player 9 for Linux beta