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EA just lost a customer

When I reported on Gizbuzz about EA including spyware in Battlefield 2142, I obviously wasn’t happy about it.

Thankfully, though, BF2142 wasn’t a game I was planning on getting.

However, Joystiq seem to reckon that Need for Speed Carbon will also include this ridiculous ‘software’.

I was thinking about getting Carbon (on the Windows platform) when it came out. I’m not anymore.

Hey, EA, you just lost a customer! Well done…

Calling all (Classic) Mac owners

If anyone has a copy of the freely-available-but-apparently-no-longer-so StuffIt Expander 4 (or any Expander that will run on System 6 on a 68000-powered Mac Plus), then if you could get me a copy of it somehow I would be very grateful.

In case you’re wondering whether I got my hands on a vintage Mac, unfortunately not. I’m only exploring the Mini vMac emulator.

Stonehenge to be a wonder of the world?

Wow! Stonehenge is pretty cool, but a wonder of the world?? I’m not doubting it, but it’s seems a bit strange to me, considering if this went through I would live less than 20 miles away from a ‘wonder’. Wow, that would be pretty cool.

Read all about it on Yahoo Odd News.

Installing WPGet – video tutorial

You didn’t ask for it… but you got it anyway.

If you’ve been wondering exactly how to install WPGet, you need wonder no more, as I’ve done a screencast with a quick demo installation of WordPress.

This should serve any installation queries until the next version of the Config Tool arrives, which will feature one-click configuration (you will be able to download the fully ready-to-go script without any copying and pasting).

So, get watching!

A few notes:

  • The reason the download in the video took so long is because for some reason the DNS servers over here are being really slow this evening, meaning it takes almost 15 seconds to visit most web pages (every time it does a lookup). Grrrrr…
  • Needless to say, the database password (and relevant details) you may or may not have seen in the demo don’t work anymore. 😛
  • Fellow KDE users may ask why I was copying things around and not working off the server directly (I love that feature in KDE). The reason is, most people won’t have that ability or won’t be used to that way of working, so I copied and pasted my way around instead.

Statistically speaking…

Since it’s been one year of PWDB, I thought I’d share some of the website statistics for last month and over the whole of 2006 to my loyal readers.

The stat charts following are from Google Analytics and are for September 2006.

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One year of blogging!

Alternative title: Today’s PWDB history lesson

In case you didn’t guess by the banner at the top right (or you’re in a feed reader), Peter’s Web Development Blog has been around for one year and today marks my 1-year blogging anniversary! Whoo!

So, what has happened in the last year of blogging? Well, it turns out that the style of PWDB has actually changed rather dramatically to be oriented towards tutorials, interesting hints and tips (usually about Linux, because that’s where I’m exploring) and less specifically about web development.

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The WPGet Config Tool now sucks a little less

The bad news is that the WPGet Config Tool sucked because it wasn’t clear what exactly you were supposed to be copying and pasting.

The good news is that there’s a new version which should make it a bit easier to understand!

The even better news is that I’m working on an even better version which should just pop up a download box on your browser with the fully ready-to-run script. It might not even suck by then.

Web-based version is also updated.

Enjoy a little less suckiness.

Recording screen demos on (Ubuntu) Linux

You may well have recently read my glee at getting a decent screen recording solution for Linux running and working, and this tutorial on how to get it to work for you has been brewing for a while now.

However, this solution is not just for Linux. It’s actually cross-platform and works across the big three main operating systems and should work on other Unix systems with little changes. Don’t worry, the Windows tutorial is coming up soon!

(Quick note – there are a couple of issues that I haven’t ironed out yet in this tutorial, but I wanted to get it out on my site sooner rather than later. They don’t affect installation, but I can’t seem to get recording in Ubuntu yet. It’s still worth running through the install, however, and rest assured I am working on the problems and will get them fixed as soon as I can!) All fixed!

This is also the first tutorial to be brought to you courtesy of my fresh new Ubuntu installation, just for doing tutorials (so I don’t have to uninstall and reinstall everything from my main machine where it’s working nicely, and of course for Ubuntu specific stuff).

OK, let’s go!

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Vista will be horrendously crippled

Sorry about the title – but I am not happy with Microsoft today.

According to Slashdot, Windows Vista, the full (rip-off?) retail version of Vista, will only allow you to transfer it to another machine once.

Put in real terms – retail Vista will not allow you to have the freedom to move it around between your machines.

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Ubuntu tutorial box installation

To try and make my tutorials easier for the really really new Linux user, I think I have just about finished getting an Ubuntu install on my second machine installed, set up (to my fussy requirements) and with all the cool stuff on it.

The purpose of this is to allow me to more easily tailor my tutorials to Ubuntu users. The reason is that Ubuntu remains the #1 distro according to And from what I can tell, it’s the distribution that a lot of newbies are using.

So it’s just about on its feet and I’ll hopefully be providing more detailed help specifically for Ubuntu users (not forgetting us Fedora faithfuls as well on my main box).

Get ready for more tutorials…