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Unfortunately… there’s no way I’m getting one.

It’s an awesome device with some amazing features and some really really nice applications, but I’m not going to get one. Primarily my reason is I don’t spend anywhere near £35 a month on my phone (and I couldn’t afford to right now anyway). The minimum O2 contract length is 18 months at a minimum of £35 a month.

Let’s do a little maths – £35 * 18 is £630. Plus £269 for the device itself. That’s a grand total of £899. Minimum spend.

Sorry, no iPhone unboxing photos from me, I’m afraid.

Minor site updates

I’ve made some changes to the copy on the homepage and some other pages to keep it updated with new stuff I’m doing and to make it more concise.

This blog is suffering again, but the time I have to do it is virtually non-existent.

About time!

Google Reader finally has a search box, but more importantly, actually tells you how many items are left to read if there are more than 100.

Previously, you’d just get the extremely descriptive 100+ which didn’t really give you a realistic estimate of how much reading there was to do.


It is about time!