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Megaphone progress update

After a couple of weeks off Megaphone development, the hacking has begun again and I’m working on strengthening the wobbly legs of basic infrastructure Megaphone has.

The new HTML sanitiser function (graciously contributed by Jacob Peddicord) is now up and running and is now in theory protecting both submissions and comments from unwanted HTML tags.

There’s also various bits of new functionality, including a new administration panel (where you can add a user) and some tweaks for better UI.

There’s still no styles (apart from an OpenClipArt logo), that’s a job for much later.

Screenshot, anyone? Click to biggify.

Megaphone Screenshot

I promise I’ll get out another source release real soon. At the moment there’s still some redundant code that’s been ported from another project than needs weeding out and sorting out.

One more note – I’ve started writing up some developer documentation to explain how the project work and the technical details behind it and lay down some good coding practices. Any patches/code will be received gratefully and have a good chance of making it into Megaphone – this is open source!

As ever, development updates will be here as they happen. Just to reiterate, Megaphone is free/open source software under the GPL and the project page is here.

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