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It’s kind of a fusion of ‘live’ and ‘velocity’. Don’t ask me about the name, I’m just a code monkey. 😛

But anyway – this is what I’m working on for a lot of my time at the moment.

Livelocity is a digital media marketplace for anyone. In the digital age, major labels and their top-down system of content delivery are irrelevant. Livelocity seeks to supplant that system with a new system that allows anyone to share and profit off of their art.

Livelocity will be available to the general public on February 14th.

If you’re at all interested in the sound of this, then why not head over and sign up for the beta testing period? It’s not done yet, but the code factory is working pretty much full time (when I can get to a computer and code anyway) so it should be here soon.

Oooh – also, if you know of any musicians or any kind of media creators that might be interested in being part of Livelocity at the beta stage and beyond, then get them in contact with Livelocity’s Chief Idea Factory, Chris Van Patten.

I guess I’ll be back tomorrow with a seasonal and festive post (and you better watch the top right hand corner of the site too :D), but if I’m not, have a great Christmas. I’ll no doubt blog again before the New Year.

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