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PHP class for making HTML tabs – coming soon

Oh – forgot to mention this.

Reasonably soon, I will be releasing a new bit of code to the world. It was born out of some useful stuff from the Livelocity project – and it’s a PHP class that will automate the creation of tabs in a web page.

When I say tabs, I mean – the kind of tabs you would have inside a dialogue box in a desktop app to have lots of stuff in one window, whilst keeping everything organised. There’s currently no HTML widget which provides a tabbed interface out of the box, so you have to build the tabs yourself, with CSS, JavaScript and HTML.

This is where my code will come in – it’s some really easy to use PHP where you can simply call it and it will generate all the HTML, CSS and JavaScript needed to make a nice tabbed window (with Ajax capabilites and fallback for users without JavaScript).

I’m sorry if this makes no sense – it’s too late and I’ve been coding for too long. There’s a bit of cleaning up work to do on the code, so I’ll try and get it to you as soon as we’ve got the Livelocity Beta out the door and I have a bit of free time.

It’s likely (but not yet completely decided) that this will be released under a BSD-style licence (aka “take it and do what you want, but give me credit”).

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