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(Subtle?) site updates and some miscellany

Since it’s now 2007, I’ve made a couple of changes to the main site and my homepage. I’ve updated a lot of information, changed some wording here and there to make it a bit more coherent and relevant.

Unfortunately for you, the worst change is you now have to look at a picture of me on the homepage. 😛

Also, I just want to reiterate – the blog content (everything in the /blog folder) is licensed under the Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 2.0 UK licence. That means you can republish my stuff under certain conditions. Click through on that link to see what you’re allowed and not allowed to do (it’s reasonably permissive). If you want to use any of my blog content in a way that doesn’t fall under this licence, I’d appreciate it if you’d get in contact. In most cases I’ll let you do what you want without charge, so it’s definitely worth asking!

All the content on the main site (i.e. everything not in the /blog folder) is not affected by this licence and you’re not generally allowed to republish it. In fact, most of it would be pretty useless on another site. If, however, you want to use this anywhere (apart from fair use and all that), then contact me and we’ll work something out. Content made available under the /files folder might be subject to other licences, like the GPL, LGPL or the BSD Licence, so check that too.

Sorry to have to put you through that, but I need to just keep everyone informed as to what the situation is.

Anyway, Happy New Year everybody!

Quick disclaimer – I am not a lawyer. I have to say this.

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