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Some screenshots of Vaveo (aka The Project)

The Project, which can now be publicly known as Vaveo (I have no idea how to pronounce that, by the way), is what I have been working really hard on for the past few weeks. Since it all has been very secret up until now, there are some screenshots for the impatient and curious below. 😀

The screenshots below demonstrate only some of what is Vaveo – we’re not giving the whole game away just yet!

The splash page

You can see it in action too.


The home page

Doesn’t yet actually work with data from the database, but will do soon. 🙂

Home page

Login page

We will support OpenID, AIM and LiveJournal for logins. Possibly more, I don’t know yet.

OpenID login

Selecting the venue when adding an event

This was tricky to do (with the add venue functionality inline too, which you can see from the tabs). Not 100% finished yet, some things are flaky and buggy still.

Selecting the venue

Browsing events by location

This took a lot less time than the add event interface has so far. Not completely finished yet, but on the way there.

Browsing events by location

I’m working really hard, but it is very rewarding to see Vaveo take shape.

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