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I’m gravitating back to it. After a while of using Zooomr, and since what has happened since Mark III, it really isn’t fulfilling my needs; stuff still feels broken, the upload page doesn’t work at all on Firefox on Linux and to be honest, I much prefer how the Mark II architecture worked.

So, back to Flickr I go.

My old account is junked up with rubbish, so I’ve actually gone onto a fresh Yahoo account and created a new Flickr account using it. From now on, you’ll find all my new photos and stuff on my Flickr.

Which is:

And my profile is:

Feel free to friend me and all that stuff – I’m too lazy, so come and find me and add me. 🙂

I’ll be needing somewhere to stick the unboxing photos of Leopard. Not that there’s an awful lot of unboxing involved, but I’m not going to break the tradition now, am I? 😉

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