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Main desktop switched to Fedora

OK, I’ve finally lost all patience with SUSE Linux, after the fourth time it’s attempted to corrupt my partition table. OK, I don’t know it was SUSE, it could well be a hardware issue, but I think it’s about time I switched. For my main desktop, I need a stable Linux distribution that doesn’t delete everything on the hard drive.

So yesterday, I backed up everything on SUSE and installed Fedora. First impressions were good. Now I’ve used Fedora before on a server machine, but this time I wanted it in a desktop configuration. So I picked KDE (my favourite desktop environment) and after a bit of modification, I’ve got a nice-looking, stable system.

Of course, Fedora is renowned for cutting-edge technology, so I’m still downloading the 600 MB of updates that have been released. That does seem a bit of a large number of updates, but it does keep me using the latest open source stuff.

I’ve also got to install Flash Player, Java, RealPlayer, some decent fonts and some of my favourite KDE applications. Wish me luck in Fedora not breaking everything again.

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