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Into the coding jungle

Yesterday I decided to install SUSE 10.1 (again), but this time on my server/development computer to use as a Linux software development installation. Now I’ve done bits and pieces of Visual Basic.NET on Windows, but I never really quite got into it like PHP.

So I installed SUSE alongside Kdevelop and I’ve started messing about with C++. C++ is probably not the best language to jump right into, but considering I basically know the syntax from PHP … well, we’ll see.

So I’m trying to build a few graphical KDE applications as examples, using as my guide to the basics. Wish me luck, because the C++ jungle is big. If I do successfully get a grasp, however, I’m sure knowing C++ will come in handy for whatever platform. And cross-platform is king.

Anyone know any more good C++ resources?

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