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WPGet 0.7 – your input wanted

You might notice that WPGet hasn’t been getting much development time recently. Basically, I was really happy with the 0.6 release and we’d had no reported problems, and I had no new feature ideas at the time, so I left it.

However, I’ve been scribbling down ideas for WPGet 0.7 and I’ve got some cool stuff I want to do. But what do you – the users think? Please feel free to contact me in any way you want (comments on here are fine!) to let me know what works for you, what I should add and what sucks beyond belief.

A few ideas so far are below. Please note – these ideas are subject to being scribbled out, and to more being scribbled down. This list doesn’t guarantee a feature will make it.

  • New style system – the output from WPGet will have templated styles (plus custom stylesheets as well, and original mode)
  • Perhaps generation of images (for off-site use, in forum signatures etc) from WordPress posts?
  • Support for WordPress author, so you can see who wrote what in the WPGet preview.
  • Stabilise the multi-category support (currently considered beta quality in 0.6)
  • WordPress page support? (Is this even needed?)

UPDATE: Forgot to add – test it with WordPress 2.1

Any idea with a question marks on it is definitely not guaranteed.

So, tell me what you want and I’ll build it!

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  1. Chris wrote:

    The ability to support formatting like LineBreaks and Images and such… I don’t know if this is in 0.6 (I really ought to upgrade) but it’d be nice to have.

    Thursday, December 14, 2006 at 13:08 | Permalink |
  2. Peter wrote:

    Images are supported – you can turn them on or off in WPGet’s output with a simple line of code (the Config Tool will generate this for you if you pick the relevant option).

    I don’t think I handle line breaks at all at the moment, so I’ll look into this for 0.7 and do some nl2br magic…

    Thursday, December 14, 2006 at 18:31 | Permalink |
  3. Lee wrote:

    I think it would be good to be able to see and post comments without having to go to the actual wordpress blog, maybe some ajax thing where comments whould be hidden but if you click the comment link they would be displayed underneath, and the same kind of thinks for posting comments.

    Lee 🙂

    Monday, December 18, 2006 at 17:29 | Permalink |
  4. Peter wrote:

    Also a nice idea – I’ll have to do that!

    Development won’t resume on 0.7 for a while as I’m busy with other projects, but WPGet will not be forgotten and it should return to the frontline soon. One of the advantages of a small project like WPGet is that it’s nice and easy and small to just hack features into, rather than dealing with, building and breaking (then fixing) massive loads of infrastructure.

    Monday, December 18, 2006 at 20:48 | Permalink |
  5. Lee wrote:

    I’ve just thought of another idea, the ability to include a single post, by name, for example if you have a post on you blog which you wish publishing on your website, the ability to show it there without copying and pasting, in case it is updated.

    Lee 🙂

    Sunday, January 7, 2007 at 15:49 | Permalink |
  6. Peter wrote:

    Great idea. It’s been added to my list. 😀

    Sunday, January 7, 2007 at 19:28 | Permalink |

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