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Productivity is using virtual desktops

I love virtual desktops. They rule – they come as standard in virtually every Linux setup and you can get third party programs for other operating systems too. Combine that with the eye candy of Compiz and you have productivity and beauty in a crisp sugar shell. Sorry about the Smarties reference.

Anyway, this is my setup for coding. When I’m happily hacking away (like I have been for the past, oh – four days non stop?) I like to have my virtual desktops like this. By the way, clicking on the screenshots will not allow you to spy on me – they will not get any bigger. Don’t even try. Sorry about the blur too. Needs must, I’m afraid.

Number 1 – Communication

Communication desktop

Apps: Thunderbird for email, Konversation for IRC, Kopete for standard IM and a spillover for anything I don’t immediately need but I want open and not minimised. (breathe here)

Number 2 – Coding

Coding desktop

Apps: Quanta. And Quanta only. (It’s a web development IDE).

Number 3 – File Management

File Transfer desktop

Apps: Konqueror as a file manager and uploader. Powerful, flexible and the only file manager I’ve seen with tabs. It’s also a web browser, but Firefox wins there.

Number 4 – Preview and Browsing

Preview desktop

Apps: Firefox allows me to preview how much of the app I’ve broken, and also browse sites to help me fix it. If you squint you can see an error too. Well, I couldn’t show you the super-secret layout could I?

And that’s it.

So there you have it – that’s how I code so quickly. Well, yes, OK. Never mind. I’ve been up too long. Enjoy.

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