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Get a Mac UK ads

Sorry for the lack of postings recently, I’ve just got back online following a nasty period of ISP downtime. Sucks, huh.

You’ve undoubtedly read this all over the place already as I’m so late to pointing this out, but Apple have released some UK-centric versions of their now famous (and much spoofed) Mac guy and PC guy ads.

While I think the formula is getting a bit tired, the UK audience for the most part haven’t been exposed to these ads, so I think they actually work really well. Actually, I’m quite surprised that most of the ads are virtually word-for-word the same as their US counterparts in places, except for one unique one (Tentacle) and liberally sprinkled British colloquialisms.

Interesting to watch, anyway, though – if only just to see how they differ from the US versions. Watch them here.

On a completely unrelated note – how is it that when you come back from a couple of days and you get almost literally drowned in feeds? I think I’ve just about caught up…

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  1. Huw wrote:

    Whenever I go up north I get drowned in feeds. The good thing about Greader is that you don’t have to read them all at once, however. You can go and get a cup of tea, calm down, and have a nap, every 100 or so items!

    btw, am enjoying ur shared items. good picks!

    Monday, January 29, 2007 at 23:15 | Permalink |
  2. Peter wrote:

    A while ago I painstakingly went through my 131(!) feeds and actually categorised them all – made GReader folders.

    Now it’s awesome because I can click on one folder and read all stories relevant to that topic and not the rest, which is useful when I have limited time to catch up and I want to focus on one thing.

    Thanks! It’s funny because all I do is idly share stuff that’s particularly interesting, I don’t really think about it at all. It’s probably really biased actually – I only star stories that are favourable to the things I’m interested in…

    Tuesday, January 30, 2007 at 20:02 | Permalink |

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