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MacBook with Core 2

MacBook avec Core 2-ness!

Apple just upgraded the MacBook to Core 2 Duo. And I didn’t even realise the Core 2 did 64-bit either!

I want one.

But I also want Leopard, so I’ll see you in the spring, MacBook Core 2 Duo… with 64-bit Leopard and all my KDE apps running on top of OS X.

In completely unrelated news, I now officially consider myself a Linux geek as I successfully compiled my own kernel and got it to run on my spare machine under Ubuntu.

Beat that kernel name!Beat that kernel name! Hosted on Zooomr

The fact that the code is exactly the same as the vanilla release is completely irrelevant and coincidental! 😛

The tutorial I used to build the kernel is here.

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  1. Chris wrote:

    For future reference, new macbooks are totally worth of YouMakeMedia. 🙂 Filmmakers loves the Apples.

    I’d post it myself, but my idiot school blocks my site.

    Wednesday, November 8, 2006 at 20:17 | Permalink |
  2. Chris wrote:

    BTW, “because I can” is the only reason anyone should need.

    Why did Peter build his own kernel that’s code is virtually identical to the one he already had? Because he could, darnit all. 😀

    Also, nice Ubuntu. Mine’s a bit more “pimped out” though… I rearranged the buttons for max, min, and close so they’re in the same position as on Mac OS X, and I have a cool OS X theme for Metacity, with Tango icons, and Clearlooks controls. It’s hawt.

    Wednesday, November 8, 2006 at 20:19 | Permalink |
  3. Peter wrote:

    Actually, I’m running 2.6.15-27-ubuntu-added-more-patches-than-you-can-shake-a-stick-at by default, so I do get a slightly newer version.

    The Ubuntu’s on my secondary machine (alongside a text-only CentOS install which will be my server when/if we get a decent enough internet connection with a static IP). I like Ubuntu, but for some reason I hate Kubuntu (despite my slight preference for KDE). Its default configuration looks really ugly.

    Oh, and for the record, I love having a Mac OS-style menu bar at the top on my main Fedora+KDE rig. It’s a KDE thing 🙂 – so it doesn’t work with any GTK apps like Firefox. 🙁

    Hehe, better not start a desktop environment war. Unfortunately I have no Mac style window decorations because I’m using Compiz and the Gnome-window-decorator (can’t yet get Beryl+Emerald working, but it’s in the pipeline).

    Well, there’s a window into my desktop. I’ll shut up now. 😀

    Wednesday, November 8, 2006 at 20:39 | Permalink |

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