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Re-enable Plugins in 10.6.5, 10.6.7

'Brick' plugin icon

Since Snow Leopard, each new release of (recently updated with 10.6.5 and now 10.6.7) and the Message.framework it depends on changes a ‘plugin compatibility’ UUID and suddenly breaks any plugins or extensions you have enabled in The developers of each extension have to update each and every one manually, and can’t do so before the new software from Apple is released.

If you can’t (be bothered to) wait for the updates from your plugin developers to arrive, however, and are confident that the plugin will work with the new version, you can hack said plugins and force them to be re-enabled inside using the following method. Here I’ll be working with GrowlMail 1.1.2, but this should work for most plugins.

A word of warning — not only does this involve editing the plugin’s files, which if you get it wrong could break that plugin and force you to download and install it again, it is possible that your plugin really isn’t compatible with the new version of Mail, in which case it could cause more serious problems. Back stuff up before trying this — you should be doing so anyway.

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Information Management

All the time we get information thrown at us and managing that information so that you are in control of it and not the other way round can be a real challenge.

As you should know, I have recently started university. If there’s anything you can do that suddenly causes loads of information to be thrown at you, then that is it.

And it all adds up. A brand new email account with lots of stuff coming in, timetable information from multiple places, tasks to add to to-do lists and so on.

So I thought I’d take a moment to share how I’m dealing with some of this information and how I am using the technology available to me to have access to that information (hopefully) wherever I need it.

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