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Nano vs Touch

I’m thinking. And thinking hard. I’m enticed by both the iPod Nano and the iPod Touch. I’m going to almost definitely buy one of them soon, but I’m not sure which one.


So here’s an über brief list of advantages for both.


  • £70 cheaper for 8 GB.
  • Smaller (good, but also easier to lose).
  • Choice of colours.
  • Still does video, Cover Flow (albeit not quite as well).
  • More space because less complex OS, so more space for media.


  • Bigger – bigger screen.
  • Awesome operating system, platform and interface.
  • Wifi – Safari, YouTube; the real web wherever you can scrounge a connection. In your pocket.
  • Cover Flow much smoother – interface much better than Nano.
  • SDK coming soon means a platform for building apps on later?
  • Boast factor – make everyone think you have an iPhone 😉