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Firefox ‘Showcase’ Extension does IE Quick Tabs

How long did it take?

The IE7 Beta’s new feature Quick Tabs (see left) has already been done as a Firefox extension. Now that was a lot quicker than I had expected. Granted that it is done by a keyboard shortcut (F12, if you’re interested) and not an icon, but it just goes to show how quickly that Internet Explorer’s innovative features are taken up by the open source community. And if you dare try and patent it, Microsoft…

The download for Firefox Showcase is here.

Google, Privacy, Gizbuzz and VMware

It looks like Google are taking more fire on the privacy front with the new search across computers feature in Google Desktop 3 Beta. See here and here. A bit of a more in-depth post about this will appear on another blog I’m contributing to, Gizbuzz, shortly. I don’t know the link yet and it may not even be online yet UPDATE: The permalink is here.

But now more about my experiences with the free VMware Server product. I think it’s brilliant. Having now tested both the Windows and Linux versions and I conclude that the Linux server is faster, but slows down your desktop a bit more. That’s probably due to the fact that Linux is a more server-oriented system and to really prove this I’d need to conduct studies with different hardware and settings.

Also, Project Krystal has made it to a release candidate now (see story), but unfortunately, as yet, WorldPay integration is not completely finished. Don’t ask about my weird versioning either.

School’s out and Halo 2

School is out for a week. So whoo! Brilliant, super duper.

What is slightly more interesting is this story. What this means for us die hard PC gamers is that, yes, we do get Halo 2. But it also looks like we will have to upgrade to Windows Vista. Now this doesn’t really affect me, because I plan to upgrade anyway, but for some people… well, we’ll see.

Oh and check out the new version of Google Desktop, it’s got some cool new features.

Can’t wait to play Halo 2 without buying an Xbox. Sorry, but I don’t do consoles.

VMware Server for free!!

Whoo! I’m actually very happy because I’ve just got my sweaty palms on a copy of the new free beta of VMware Server. This could be certainly useful for someone like me who can’t afford loads of hardware to run different OSs on (well, who can?) I’ve grabbed both the Windows and Linux servers and from my tests on both Win and Lin, the Linux server version seems to be a lot faster when installing and running operating systems. So this is basically my chance to play with a hell of a load of different Linux distros, not to mention the Windows Server 2003 trial.

Looking forward also to getting some dedicated hardware anyway though, because it means I will be able to run a semi-permanent Linux web server to get some hosting going on.

So, who’s for VMware?

And as for XEN (built-in open source virtualisation for Linux), well, I’m on the side of VMware, considering how easy it was to install.


Latest Updates

In the world of PK (Project Krystal) development, we’ve had some new features. Namely these include various bugfixes for the product basket system (yes, some very important ones) and lots of other stuff too. The main things feature-wise are:

  • An online discount system (for percentage discounts for buying online) – this involved integrating with all current elements of the basket, so fairly time consuming.
  • New UI and UX enhancements to do with the basket (losing some of the old debugging buttons).

Well, let’s hope I can meet the supposed deadline of this Sunday, although considering the stability and potential for bugs in these new features, I doubt it will be 100% stable by then, even if the features are in there.

This has been cross-posted at the Hybrid site.