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Open source Java is an “ongoing process”

My RSSOwl review

Just finished my review of RSSOwl that I promised. It was a bit critcal – particularly of the interface, but at the moment it just doesn’t meet my needs. Still, I mentioned that, the cool features that are there and what I think the RSSOwl development team should do next.

The quest to find a better feed reader goes on, and I’ll look for my next candidate soon, which might this time be a web-based offering. Still using Google IG for now then…

The first ever Gizbuzz podcast – with Raju Vegesna of Zoho

Yes, that’s right! Me and Huw (Gizbuzz) interviewed Raju Vegesna of Zoho, who are behind a lot of cool Web 2.0 office applications, including Zoho Writer, Sheet and Show for the first ever Gizbuzz Podcast.

We talk about Zoho, issues of trust with online office suites, I ask a few questions about the technical side (cross-browser implementation and stuff) and we also discuss the future of rich web applications (will they go mobile any time soon?), Google and more!

This is actually a really interesting insight into what Zoho are doing and where rich web applications might be going soon.

[Gizbuzz] Linux Explained

First things first, this is another post in the Explainer series. So, if you know what Linux and free/open source software are and/or don’t need refreshing, then you can just skip straight over this post.If you don’t know what Linux is, or have only vaguely heard of it, this post is designed to give you a brief introduction into what Linux is, what the ideas behind it are, and how to give it a try (without wiping over anything on your computer).

Read the article…

My Vista Aero article on Digg

More Vistablogging

Hey, that should be a new blog-related word. Check out my latest look at the Vista Aero User Interface and all its merits and disadvantages here.

I’ll even give you a screenshot.

First look at Windows Vista Beta 2

Just finished a mammoth post about Windows Vista Beta 2. It’s kind of a semi-review about my first experiences now that I’ve got the beta.

Read it now.

Gizbuzz moves to

I think the title is fairly self-explanatory here. The brilliant tech news blog I contribute to (read it, it really is great), Gizbuzz, has moved from its old, Blogger-powered home to a new, shiny, WordPress-powered site.

So visit it, update your bookmarks and check out the new feed URL (you can right-click and use Copy Link Location to update your feed reader).

Now the question I hear you all ask: will I go WordPress too? Wait and see…